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The Prince of Youth


2011 | Florence

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The Prince of Youth is an original project by Riz Ortolani, written in collaboration with Ugo Chiti, based on a famous historical fact of the Italian Renaissance: the Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478.

Representing a fragment of fundamental history for Florence requires a great deal of effort. The focal point of all the scenography is Brunelleschi’s magnificent dome, a symbol of modern culture and a leap into the future.

Outside and inside, a Florence teeming with life and a people who love the two brothers: Lorenzo and Giuliano De Medici, young and exuberant, defined precisely as “The Prince of Youth“, protagonist of this story.

The show is a riot of colours: from the red (symbol of fire, heat, life and blood) of the architecture and clothes of the followers of the Medicis, to the black and yellow (colours of evil and hatred in the Western imagination) that characterise the supporters of the Pazzi.

Backstage with Giuliano Peparini


The meeting between the great Italian composer Riz Ortolani and Giuliano Peparini was important for more than one reason.

Both share a great passion for the history of Renaissance art and for the fabulous epic of the Medici.

This is also the first show in which Giuliano has collaborated with his sister Veronica in creating the choreography.

From this show was also born the friendship and collaboration with the costume designer Frederic Olivier which will last more than ten years until his tragic death in 2021.


Made by Kromin | COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022 | P.IVA 15258861002

Made by Kromin

COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022

P.IVA 15258861002