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Photo© - Angelo Trani

“In questa storia che è la mia” is the concert transposition of the album of the same name by Claudio Baglioni.

The piece was created as an opposition to the emptiness created by the Covid-19 pandemic, “an exceptional show in exceptional times”.

Baglioni sets himself in a story that elevates love to a personal and universal force, which infuses everyone’s lives, making them into unique experiences that are always worthy of being lived, and time, the only medicine capable of healing certain wounds.

Photo© - Angelo Trani

“The wound of empty theatres has struck us in the heart and we are struggling to heal.
That’s why I tried to help fill that void, giving everything I had to give to the theatre as a gift.”

Claudio Baglioni

Photo© - Angelo Trani

Presentation of the concert by Claudio Baglioni


Given the lack of audience due to the Covid regulations in force during the creation of the concert, Giuliano Peparini decided to use all the space available in the theatre.
The side balconies, which usually house spectators and the audience in front of the stage, become an integral part of the show, “breaking the 4th wall” of the stage. The orchestra moves on the stage. The audience’s chairs are removed in order to create a space reminiscent of the courtyard of a palace.

The idea for the show was born during a race through the streets of Rome. Claudio Baglioni called Giuliano Peparini, saying that he had composed a new album, which he wanted him to listen to, in order to develop a creative concept to translate into tangible ideas.
During the race, Giuliano listened to these songs and little by little the idea of the show took shape.

Photo© - Angelo Trani


Made by Kromin | COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022 | P.IVA 15258861002

Made by Kromin

COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022

P.IVA 15258861002