Opera & Ballet

Romeo & Juliet

2018 | Rome – Baths of Caracalla

This version of Romeo and Juliet bears the signature of Giuliano Peparini as director and choreographer.
The show takes advantage of all the means available:

“Romeo and Juliet; for me it is a timeless story: I let myself be guided by the original story, adding some element of contemporaneity because it is a story that still remains current”.

The show was created specifically for the large spaces of the Baths of Caracalla, but also to satisfy a certain spectacularity required by the summer public.

Romeo and Juliet is an attentive and rich show in all aspects that aims to amaze audiences by telling the tragic story between Eros and Thanatos.

The protagonists were played by Claudio Cocino and Susanna Salvi, a close-knit couple who were able to express the delicacy, passion and drama of lightness.

“…Quality is the fundamental condition and we entrusted this new production to Giuliano Peparini, who proved with his Nutcracker to be able to work on a great classic with a fresh and personal approach.”

Carlo Fuortes – Superintendent of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Backstage & interviews with Giuliano Peparini

“The scenography with its moving parts is very significant for me, the elegant costumes with a modern cut, the videography of architectural fragments and the complicit lights return the essence of my Verona and the cities I live in.”

Giuliano Peparini


Made by Kromin | COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022 | P.IVA 15258861002

Made by Kromin

COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022

P.IVA 15258861002