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1789, Les amants de la Bastille

2012 – 2015 | France, Belgium & Switzerland



France, spring of 1789; famine and unemployment are ravaging the countryside and cities.

The revolt rages while in Versailles the court of Louis XVI, insolent and frivolous, continues to spend without counting the money of the State.

From these two worlds that fear one another and clash, Olympe and Ronan, who should never have met, will be caught in the whirlwind of love and the Revolution.

Photo© – comateen80

Photo© – Comateen80


A gentlewoman and governess to the princes and princesses at Versaille, she devotes herself body and soul to serving her sovereign, Queen Marie Antoinette.


A young and rebellious peasant, he fights against the injustices that have deprived him of his land. He goes to Paris to win his freedom.

In a passionate race of feelings, Olympe and Ronan cross paths with the most important figures of their time, such as the flamboyant Danton, Camille Desmoulins, a passionate journalist, and Jacques Necker, the king’s rigorous finance minister.

Caught in the net of History, their love will lead them to the morning of July 14, 1789, in the foothills of the Bastille, the emblematic prison of Paris.

An event will seal their destiny forever and mark the birth of a new world, at the dawn of the promises of freedom and fraternity between men.

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Backstage & interviews with Giuliano Peparini

In 2013, the show was honoured as
the best Musical Comedy at the

Globe de Cristal Awards





Made by Kromin | COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022 | P.IVA 15258861002

Made by Kromin

COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022

P.IVA 15258861002