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The Nutcracker

2015 – 2021 | Rome

The Nutcracker is undoubtedly one of the most famous and widely produced ballets of all time and has been repeatedly interpreted in cinema, theatre and sport.

This goes to show the extent to which the work that Tchaikovsky composed between 1891 and 1892 is, in all respects, a great classic.

The story of Marie, her Christmas Eve, her dreams and the mysterious hussar nutcracker is one of the quintessential Christmas shows.

Time passes, however, customs, habits and tastes change, especially those of the young; then perhaps it is permissible to ask if the magic of this fairy tale still has an effect on the public, if you continue to capture it: if, in a nutshell, it is still current.

Giuliano Peparini, therefore, proposes his version of this great classic and creates a new show, combining the classic style with the modern style.

The ballet changes in several places from the classical renditions, while retaining some details from the original story by Alexadre Dumas. In fact, the whole story takes place inside the Stahlbaum house and not in the two worlds (real world/dream world); the protagonist is called Marie and has a different character than the traditional Clara, and Drosselmeyer, the uncle, in this version is not represented by an elderly man, but by a young charming man with great charisma.




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The scenography designed by Giuliano Peparini reflects the sense of the story. Marie’s bedroom is the centre of everything. Everything that happens revolves around this room.

The bedroom is the symbol of the girl’s youth; during the story she grows, and therefore the scenery also develops with her.

At the beginning, the whole scene is grey, a non-colour, a bit reminiscent of adolescence, which is an age in which one is not fully defined, and then it becomes animated and transformed, thanks to colourful digital projections that symbolise the transformation of a woman who becomes more and more mature throughout the story.

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Made by Kromin | COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022 | P.IVA 15258861002

Made by Kromin

COPYRIGHT Giuliano Peparini 2022

P.IVA 15258861002